Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.

Goal-oriented English for Children.K to 9.
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WE CAN! Unique Features
How can students learn English in an environment where they don't need it? The answer is WE CAN! ---and there's no magic in it. As students clear the goals, one by one, they will naturally learn English.Yoko Matsuka
(1)Easy to Evaluate: The 384 goals make progress easy to see for students, teachers and parents. (Can-do statements)
(2)Spiral Curriculum: Students constantly recycle and reuse previous learned language.
(3)English for Real Communication: Students use English in a real, practical way inside and outside the classroom.
(4)Rhythm and Pronunciation: Students master rhythm and pronunciation skills through songs, chants, movements, drama and role-plays.
(5)Balanced Use of Phonics: Students learn good pronunciation and to read and write on their own.
(6)Expansion of Discourse: Students develop language competence beyond the sentence level with carefully designed, fun, experience-based activities, and real interactions.
(7)An Interactive Website: www.wecanenglishclub.com will offer electronic communication in English with friends around the world.
About WE CAN!
Starter〜Level 6
We Can! consists of starter and Book 1-6.
Each level (Book 1-6) has achievable and carefully designed 384 goals.
By the time students finish level 6, they have the English ability equivalent to Eiken pre-2 level as well as Cambridge Young Learners English Test Movers level.
Please check the following unique aspects of WE CAN!
Approaches and features   Syllabus/Vocabulary/Goals   Topic/Skill/Activity
Each level has 7 components, as follows.
The starter includes fun songs and simple conversations. It was designed to stand alone, or be used as a picture dictionary supporting the vocabulary in the Books 1 and 2.
Starter Starter
Book 1〜6 Student Book( Book 1-6 )    Workbook( Book 1-6 )
Playcards ( Book 1-6 )
Teacher's resource Teacher's Guide   Class Audio CDs   FlashCards   Posters
Songs and Chants CD
Phonics Phonics Workbook with CD    Teacher's Guide
Downloadable Resources
Lesley Ito's Teaching Tips
Order Form for Flashcards, Playcards and Posters
WE CAN!Schools
The fully interactive We Can! English Club website is an integral part of the series. Highlights include incentives for students for the achievement of the 384 Goals and real world electronic communication in English between students, as well as many other great features. The site has been custom designed for teachers, students, and parents.
WE CAN! Exclusive Agent
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