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1979 Matsuka Phonics Institute (MPI) founded
1980 MPI English classes started
1981 MPI All-Japan Science Group (AJSG) launched
1984 MPI 5th Anniversary Seminar, Gotenba
1985 Phonics Teaching Assistants Course all-Japan tour
1986 TEE (Teaching English in English) coaching method course started
Training for regional teaching committees in coaching methods including the Phonics method
1987 MPI teaching materials Chinese editions published (Caves Inc., Taiwan)
1989 MPI 10th Anniversary Summer Seminar, Hakuba
1991 MPI Harajuku English classes started
1992 MPI English School featured on Asahi TV "Station EYE"
1995 MPI 15th Anniversary - MPI International Seminar
held at Pacific Yokohama (500 participants from Japan and abroad)
MPI teaching materials Korean editions published (Panmun Inc., Korea)
1996 "English Teaching in Elementary Schools" lectures held across Japan
1997 Overseas seminar: "Japanese-Korean English Teachers' Exchange Symposium" (Seoul, South Korea)
"Dialogues for Children 0, 1" certified by MEXT under School Teaching Regulations clause 107
1998 Lectures held on "The Future of English Teaching in the 21st Century" and "Promoting Five-minute Activities"
Four-hour seminars held on "Phonics" and "Only-English Teaching Systems"
"MPI Australia Communication Experience Tour" overseas seminar (Brisbane, Australia)
"MPI Japanese/Korean/English Teachers' Exchange Symposium '98" overseas seminar (Seoul, Korea)
1999 Joint initiative with Dr. Phonics English Academy begun
MPI 20th anniversary "Matsuka Phonics All-Japan Research Convention" held at Tokyo Joshi Gakuen (600 participants from Japan and abroad)
Overseas seminar "Australia Communication Experience Tour" (Australia)
Overseas seminar "MPI Japanese/Korean/English Teachers' Exchange Symposium '99" (Seoul, Korea)
Supporting English teaching at a Nagoya elementary school
Joint ventures started with Seishinsha Inc.
"Hello, Kids" program started by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology for promotion of regional children's foreign language learning
Domestic MPI Summer Seminar Tateshina
Asahi elementary school students' newspaper "I can read English with Phonics!" started
Japan Times weekly "ENGLISH for KIDS" started
MPI English Teaching Assistants Certification System introduced
2001 "English-Speaking Twelve-Year-Olds" (by Yoko Matsuka) selected as a Japan Library Association authorized book
2002 Panel discussion "English in Elementary School Makes Japanese Children Healthy" (sponsored by the MEXT Teaching Support Association) held in 8 locations across Japan
Integrated English study/English conversation introduced in elementary schools; MPI showcases various kinds of support for elementary school systems
2003 Yoko Matsuka inaugurated as founding director and certified member of the NPO "The Association of Certified Elementary School English Teachers (J-SHINE)"
MPI becomes the second accreditation body for J-SHINEJoint ventures started with Gakko Tosho Inc.
MPI report "English Teaching in a Time of Reform and Reconsideration" featured in Teaching Today newspaper
Yoko Matsuka featured in article "Women Leaders" in Mainichi Shinbun evening newspaper
2004 MPI 25th Anniversary Competition held at the Youth Education National Olympics Memorial Youth Center (500 participants)
MPI English School moved to Shinjuku
2005 "Gorsch the Cellist" awarded the Miyazawa Kenji Association "Iihatobu Award" for co-operative work to develop school and community co-operative plans (Saitama Prefecture Teaching Committee)
MPI Partnership program introduced
2006 MPI elementary school English support activities break the 2000-schools mark
Partner Kids Contest and MPI English Teaching Forum held in 3 cities, sponsored by the Daily Yomiuri
Yoko Matsuka and MPI introduced in the NHK teaching program "Does English Come Out In Elementary School?"
"International People at Fifteen Years Old ? the Challenge of the Matsuka Phonics Institute" televised on Sky Perfect TV MPI articles on classes, forums, seminars, teaching materials etc., featured in "English for Children" in the Daily Yomiuri, All About, Kyoiku Shinbun, Nikkei Kids Plus, President Family, and ALC edition etc.
2008 Yoko Matsuka won the Language and Education Award from the Institute of International Education in London
2009 30th anniversary of MPI
Became the WE CAN! exclusive agent for Japan
The company name was changed to mpi inc.