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Between 1975-78, the founder of mpi inc., Yoko Matsuka, went to study in America, taking along her two children. During the three years there, each day she marveled at her children's English learning ability. Her children's elementary school was using the new Phonics learning method - teaching the correspondence between English spelling and sounds - and the impression it made on her made her want to shout,

“This is it! This is it! Children are geniuses at learning languages? Let's draw on this innate language learning ability. Let's spread the Phonics system that lets them learn under their own steam, without relying on indiscriminate memorizing or Japanese characters.” Upon her return from America, Yoko Matsuka drew on that strong desire to found the original Matsuka Phonics Institute (MPI). The start in 1979 was a modest one, in the living room of Yoko Matsuka's own home.
  Establishing the mpi method

★ English-speaking and equipped to travel the world at fifteen years of age
mpi has developed excellent teaching materials, curriculum and coaching methods based on its long track record in teaching.
We established the mpi method to teach English in English as a communication tool to children, adopting the Phonics learning method (rules of relationships between pronunciation and spelling) suited to Japanese people, thereby hoping to raise English-speaking kids who can get by in the world by the time they are 15 years old.

 Promotion of the coaching method/teaching materials

At mpi we believe that as more people come to understand the mpi method the better, as they will then be able to share it with others to contribute to better English teaching in Japan.

 The 3 activities of mpi